A glass lamination system that has independent worldwide standards approval


The Benefits

As a premium interlayer product, EvGuard® is experiencing increasing demand in the areas of exterior/interior architectural and designer glass.


EvGuard® laminates are already used in a large number of glass companies, many of which have created unique glass products only made possible…

Safety Standards

EvGuard® unique 3D cross-linking capability is setting new standards for safety in New Zealand and Australia. A pioneering product that already…

End Users

The unlimited creative flexibility offered by EvGuard® means it is increasingly the glass lamination system of choice for a wide range of end users.

Glass Lamination Systems are the Australasian agents for EvGuard® – an EVA-based (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) thermoset film, with a unique 3D cross-linking capability. It was developed as an interlayer film for laminating glass.

EvGuard® contains no plasticisers and is extremely stable – even under severe conditions or aging. And its superb compatibility with an extensive range of insert media offers end users unlimited creative flexibility. Thanks to EvGuard®, the laminated glass industry is experiencing huge growth in the areas of architectural design and safety.

What’s so special about EvGuard®?

Offering excellent transparency and high adhesion strength after the heat curing process, EvGuard® is unique in enabling glass processors to make high value ‘designer’ architectural glass.

EvGuard® is being increasingly applied worldwide as an EVA-based interlayer for the laminated glass industry due to its excellent ‘cure torque’ strength, wide application temperature range, durability, superior optical properties, and adaptability to small kiln processing/handling.

The advanatges of EvGuard®

  • High transparency.
  • Good adhesion strength, stability and physical properties to substrates ranging from glass to metals and plastic films.
  • With excellent durability against heat, moisture and UV, EvGuard® displays long term durability under severe conditions in outdoor usage.
  • EvGuard® is hydrophobic, has a three dimensional cross-linked structure and does not contain any plasticisers.
  • Good impact resistance over a wide temperature range.
  • Good sound insulation performance, particularly in the higher frequency range.
  • Good fluidity, which leads to the easy lamination process with a wide variety of glass.
  • Exceptional adhesion/strength and high-productivity.
  • Fast processing time while still allowing cross linking to take place.
  • No special storage conditions required.

Beware of Inferior EvGuard® Imitations!

Due to recent fraudulent use of trade-marked products, please be aware that there is only one EvGuard® – this product is available in New Zealand and Australia only from Glass Lamination Systems.

Please note that Evasafe is no longer made by Bridgestone. Glass Laminations Systems have replaced it with EvGuard® which is manufactured in Germany.

Don’t be fooled by inferior imitation products. If you’re unsure that the product you’re being offered is genuine EvGuard®, call Glass Lamination Systems today.