There is no substitute for proven product performance supported by experience and knowledge in its application.

Glass Lamination Systems introduced into NZ and Australia, the principal of laminating glass using an EVA based interlayer in 2008. Since that time we have been instrumental in establishing and supporting many laminating operations in NZ and Australia, using only worldwide accredited and independently tested EVA film from reputable manufacturers.

Glass Lamination Systems is part of EvGuard®’s worldwide marketing and distribution network.

Glass Lamination Systems is Folienwerk-Wolfen’s official EvGuard® distributor in New Zealand and Australia. Owned and operated by long-established Auckland businessman Adrian Bennett, Glass Lamination Systems is part of EvGuard®’s worldwide marketing and distribution network which enables interested companies in the sector to access this product.

Glass Lamination Systems’ goal is to provide specialist individual service to each of their clients – providing them with the necessary products and expertise to extract maximum performance from the laminating process.

New developments for safety and security:

To provide increased rigidity to the compilation of glass-interlayer-glass that will ensure that if both pieces of glass are broken, Folienwerk-Wolfen have produced a clear PET film which is inserted with the EvGuard® interlayer.

  • This is fast to process.
  • It is cross-linked.
  • Is not temperature affected.

There are interlayers that claim stability if both pieces of glass are broken. However testing has shown that in hot conditions this is incorrect. Their claims of rigidity are false and misleading, bordering on dangerous.

The critical factors are:

  • Cross-linking – Safety assurance.
  • Temperature neutral.

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