As a premium interlayer product, EvGuard® is experiencing increasing demand in the areas of exterior/interior architectural and designer glass.

Its unique performance and quality characteristics offer end users maximum flexibility in design creativity.


Other significant benefits that have got the world turning to EvGuard® include
  • Speed of Processing
    EvGuard® allows faster processing times whilst maintaining its cross-linking ability. It also allows for higher pre-treating in an oven before actual production.
  • Easy Handling
    The EvGuard® film contains no water and can be stored under normal conditions at room temperature.
  • High Productivity
    Due to its high flexural strength and non-sticky nature, EvGuard® can be easily processed with high productivity and with less chance of trapping air. EvGuard®’s shrinkage rate is minimal under curing.
  • Reliability
    The adhesion strength of EvGuard® in the end product is not influenced by humidity in the environment.
  • Safety
    An unmatched standard of safety is achieved when glass is laminated – to the manufacturer’s specifications – using EvGuard® interlayer film. Technically, with the insertion of a clear PET film, a new level of assured safety can be achieved.

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