The unlimited creative flexibility offered by EvGuard® means it is increasingly the glass lamination system of choice for a wide range of end users, including:

  • Designers and architects
    Because of the ease of introducing inserts, EvGuard® has an increasing role to play in the decor sector and is making glass a star product in the area of interior and exterior design.
  • Glass laminators
    Because of its versatility of handling and because it enables lamination at low pressure and low temperature without the need for an autoclave, any laminator can use this product. On the other hand, it is also possible to use it with an autoclave.
  • Construction developers
    Its resistance to adverse conditions, its transparency, behaviour in light and noise insulation characteristics make it an essential item in this sector. Today glass is used increasingly in floors, walls, ceilings, etc.
  • Specialty users
    The fluidity and low viscosity of EvGuard® when melting due to heat makes it exceptionally suitable for use with tempered glass and special glasses, and its low viscosity temperature makes it ideal for lower substrate temperature inserts.

What media can be used with EvGuard®?

EvGuard® offers high value-adding creative possibilities due to its remarkable compatibility with an extensive range of inserts and media, including:

Polyesters – printed, coloured, coated solar control or metallic; Polycarbonates; Acrylics; Silks and fabrics; Photographs; Stone and wood veneers; Natural materials – leaves, grass etc; Perforated steel and metals; Plastics; Electroluminescent inserts; Liquid crystal inserts (Smart Glass); LEDs.

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